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Add link redirects

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......@@ -10,9 +10,14 @@ admin_password: 'password'
# Hashed password (bcrypt) to make admin API requests - Preferred over plaintext, use to generate
# Please note that authentication takes noticeably longer than using plaintext password
# Don't include the <username>: segment, just the hash
# Default: '$2y$15$Dhll3IY42R.JNOYazarlG.8IndwMjxmHLpFsebJzcGTJd.gbsAwna' (hash for 'password')
# Default: unset (required to start application)
#admin_hashed_password: '$2y$15$Dhll3IY42R.JNOYazarlG.8IndwMjxmHLpFsebJzcGTJd.gbsAwna'
# Secret key used for cookies (used for storage of messages)
# This should be a 12-16 character randomized string with letters, numbers, and symbols
# Default: unset (required to start application)
secret_key: 'S$JI8L*&xua%gBoL'
# Filename of the URL database
# Default: 'urls'
database_name: 'urls'
from flask import Flask, request, current_app, g, render_template, jsonify
from flask import Flask, current_app, flash, g, jsonify, redirect, render_template, request, url_for
import bcrypt
import random
import sqlite3
......@@ -58,12 +58,8 @@ def check_long_exist(long):
return False
def check_short_exist(short, long=None): # Allow to also check against a long link
query = query_db('SELECT * FROM urls WHERE short = ?', (short,))
for i in query:
if i and i['short'] == short and i['long'] == long:
return short
if query:
def check_short_exist(short): # Allow to also check against a long link
if get_long(short):
return True
return False
......@@ -102,6 +98,13 @@ def generate_short(rq):
return short
def get_long(short):
row = query_db('SELECT long FROM urls WHERE short = ?', (short,), True)
if row and row['long']:
return row['long']
return None
def list_shortlinks():
result = query_db('SELECT * FROM urls', (), False, None)
result = nested_list_to_dict(result)
......@@ -129,10 +132,13 @@ def response(rq, result, error_msg="Error: Unknown error"):
return jsonify(success=False, error=error_msg)
if result:
return render_template("main.html", result=(True, result))
return render_template("main.html", result=(False, error_msg))
if result and result is not True:
flash(result, 'success')
return render_template("main.html")
elif not result:
flash(error_msg, 'error')
return render_template("main.html")
return render_template("main.html")
def validate_short(short):
......@@ -175,36 +181,46 @@ def close_db(error):
app.config.update(load_config()) # Add YAML config to Flask config
app.secret_key = app.config['secret_key']
def main():
return render_template("main.html")
return response(request, True)
def main_redir(url):
long = get_long(url)
if long:
return redirect(long, 301)
flash('Short URL "' + url + '" doesn\'t exist', 'error')
return redirect(url_for('main'))
@app.route('/', methods=['POST'])
def main_post():
# Check if long in form (ie. provided by curl) and not blank (browsers always send blank forms as empty quote)
if 'long' in request.form and request.form['long']:
if 'short' in request.form and request.form['short']:
# Validate long as URL and short custom text against allowed characters
if not validate_long(request.form['long']):
return response(request, None, "Long URL is not valid")
if 'short' in request.form and request.form['short']:
# Validate long as URL and short custom text against allowed characters
result = validate_short(request.form['short'])
if validate_short(request.form['short']) is True:
short = request.form['short']
return result
if check_short_exist(short, request.form['long']) is short:
if get_long(short) == request.form['long']:
return response(request, (current_app.config['site_url'] or request.base_url) + short,
'Error: Failed to return pre-existing non-random shortlink')
short = generate_short(request)
if check_short_exist(short) is True:
if check_short_exist(short):
return response(request, None,
'Short URL already exists')
'Short URL already taken')
long_exists = check_long_exist(request.form['long'])
if long_exists:
if long_exists and not request.form['short']:
return response(request, (current_app.config['site_url'] or request.base_url) + long_exists,
'Error: Failed to return pre-existing random shortlink')
get_db().cursor().execute('INSERT INTO urls (long,short) VALUES (?,?)', (request.form['long'], short))
......@@ -23,14 +23,20 @@
{% if result is defined and result[0] %}
{% with messages = get_flashed_messages(with_categories=true) %}
{% if messages %}
{% for category, message in messages %}
{% if category == 'success' %}
<div class="success">
✓ Shortlink successfully generated! Available at <a href="{{ result[1] }}">{{ result[1] }}</a>
✓ Shortlink successfully generated! Available at <a href="{{ message }}">{{ message }}</a>
{% elif result is defined and not result[0] %}
{% elif category == 'error' %}
<div class="error">
✖ Shortlink failed to generate! {{ result[1] }}
{{ message }}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
{% endif %}
{% endwith %}
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